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We are developing a recovery home and program with a community support network for women survivors of substance use.

We will offer a 2-year program to provide safe housing and wellness services, such as access to medical and psychological care, educational and vocational development, financial counseling, and access to the recovery community.


Our name springs from the belief that women recovering from substance use are like dandelions. Many view dandelions as weeds that can be trampled on, but we see them as beautiful wildflowers with purpose and potential. We will create a safe haven where recovering women can peacefully take root and flourish in a supportive community. Once our Dandelions have transformed, their puffs of seeds can dance away to begin new lives. Hope lives here.

Our Mission:

Dandelion Meadow provides a multi-year, holistic residential recovery program for women survivors of addiction and trafficking.  We cultivate their professional and life skills to empower healthy individuals, families and communities.

The Vision:

Opening the door to freedom and joy – spiritually, professionally and personally – one woman at a time.